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  • Public Demonstrations

    Public bladesmith demonstrations are a great way to help educate the public and allow customers to meet their bladesmith. Upcoming live events posted on Facebook and Instragram

  • About Owner & Bladesmith

    About Owner & Bladesmith

    Shawn is a currently serving US Military Veteran. Shawn will retire in a couple of years and begin fulltime work as a blade and leather smith. Trained by some of the best in the bladesmith world. Shawn takes immense pride in creating unique and amazing products to fit your tastes as a collector or handmade cutlery lover.

  • Return & Warranty Policy

    One year manufacturer defect warranty. No refunds or exchanges. Fight Tonight Knives & Leather LLC (and owner) is not responsible for the use of its products. See the knife industries best replacement policy for self defense listed below.

EDC & Defense Knives Replacement Policy

Knife industries best replacement policy

Fight Tonight Knives & Leather LLC will replace at no cost a similar or equal value knife as purchased (minus shipping) to the lawful Fight Tonight Knives & Leather LLC registered customer any of Fight Tonight Knives & Leather LLC manufactored everyday carry (EDC), defense (DEF), or back up (BKU) knives under the following circumstances only. Purchaser of knife must be atleast 18 years of age at time of purchase, legally allowed to possess weapons, original purchaser of the knife (or registered customer in the event of a gifted knife to somone 18 years of age or older), during the course of a lawful self defense event (the customer as described above) lost the company policy covered knife during a lawful self defense event in which use of force with the knife was lawfully used. Knife must have been legally carried and used in accordance to the applicable local, state, US territory and federal laws having jurisdiction over the location of the lawful self defense use of force. Proof of the lawful use of force must be provided to the owner of Fight Tonight Knives & Leather LLC [by mail or email] in the form of a fully completed police report (police report must indicate the knife was legally used in self defense of the customer [as described above] lost during the lawful self defense event as a result of the use of the knife in lawful self defense. Police report must indicate the investigation is complete, and the use of force involving the knife manufactured by Fight Tonight Knives & Leather LLC was lawfully used in self defense by the customer [as described above]). The owner of Fight Tonight Knives & Leather LLC maintains the ability to decline a replacement knife for any circumstances of a questionable nature based upon information provided by a police report. Customer is responsible for providing a completed police report or any other legal documents requested by Fight Tonight Knives & Leather LLC as part of determining the intent and spirit of the company replacement policy has been met for a replacement knife to be sent to the customer (as described above). Fight Tonight Knives & Leather LLC is not responsible for the use of its products after purchase by the customer. Fight Tonight Knives & Leather LLC advocates for educated, legal and safe, sane carry of it's products. Customer is responsible to educate and train themselves in legal and safe use of knives and other cutting instruments.

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